Flashback BBS

We retro lovers will remember the days when BBS ruled the computer communications arena. We’d dial up and upload or download files, check our mails and this was long before the internet was public knowledge, at least mainstream public knowledge that is.

I have resurrected this spirit, except now users can telnet to the BBS instead of dialling up. I used to run my telnet BBS from WinUAE, the amiga emulator but now, as of this weekend, it has been ported to genuine amiga hardware. It runs on an Amiga 1200 with a 50mhz 68030 expansion board, 64MB ram and 2 x 4GB compact flash hard disks. Now that it’s on physical hardware it doesn’t feel like cheating any more.

To log into the BBS simply telnet to: dznt.co.uk and you will get connected. You can sign up for a user account, which takes less than a minute and then you are able to browse some of the software from yesterday. I try to add more and more software when I can. I do have an awful lot of Amiga software, it’s just getting around to organising it which I am bad at.

If you are looking for a decent PC telnet client that will allow uploads and downloads via zmodem you can try mTelnet. There is another one but the name escapes me at the minute. I will give links to these programs in the near future. You can still use the regular telnet client or your favourite telnet program to log in, but the colours and ansi may get a little screwed up, so one of the client is recommended for the best experience.

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