After a short break…

So, it’s been a good 6 months since i’ve done anything Amiga related. Back pain caused me to have a short break from computers in general and forced me into 9 weeks from work. I did go back to work a while ago but never got around to starting my little amiga projects back up, until now that is. I’d bought quite a few bits of kit just before my back problems that were sat boxed in my bedroom so i’ve now taken a look at these new bits of hardware and started to play around with them a little. […]

Changing Amiga 1200 Kickstart ROMs

So, I received my second lot of kickstart 3.1 roms in the mail the other day ready for insertion into amiga no 2. The first lot I got were installed in my first amiga and they were also a little tricky to install. For anyone that’s interested and doesn’t know how the Amiga’s operating system works then here’s a basic rundown; The various system libraries and kernel which are used be nearly every workbench friendly program are all contained in the kickstart rom chips which, obviously, makes calling them from applications into memory a fair bit faster than if they […]