After a short break…

So, it’s been a good 6 months since i’ve done anything Amiga related. Back pain caused me to have a short break from computers in general and forced me into 9 weeks from work. I did go back to work a while ago but never got around to starting my little amiga projects back up, until now that is. I’d bought quite a few bits of kit just before my back problems that were sat boxed in my bedroom so i’ve now taken a look at these new bits of hardware and started to play around with them a little. […]

Hard Disk Options

So, the majority of the Amiga Scene seem to be using a Compact Flash IDE adapter and a CF card as a good replacement for a regular 2.5″ hard disk which would normally be found in the amiga, which seems like a good idea so I have adopted this. I wanted a solution that was slightly more flexible though, which was the ability to quickly swap out different CF cards with different AmigaOS revisions. The best way to do this was cut a hole in the amiga 1200 case. After scouting around the case for the best location I decided […]