Changing Amiga 1200 Kickstart ROMs

So, I received my second lot of kickstart 3.1 roms in the mail the other day ready for insertion into amiga no 2. The first lot I got were installed in my first amiga and they were also a little tricky to install. For anyone that’s interested and doesn’t know how the Amiga’s operating system works then here’s a basic rundown; The various system libraries and kernel which are used be nearly every workbench friendly program are all contained in the kickstart rom chips which, obviously, makes calling them from applications into memory a fair bit faster than if they […]

outputting signal… a little tricky

Back in the olden days, home computers used to connect to the tv pretty much the same way as modern consoles do now. Scart was still available, but wasn’t on every TV as it was a higher end feature of a tv. You also had a choice of RF output (aerial lead) and composite output. Out of the 3, scart gave the best picture as it used a lead coming from the amiga monitor port, composite gave second best and RF with the worse but it did work on every tv known to man at the time. So, times have […]

Long ago, in a bedroom far, far away …

Many years ago I used to own Commodore Amigas. They were truly awesome machines at the time, both for games and as a usable operating platform for applications, software and development tools. Recently though, the emulator i’ve been using isn’t enough to satisfy my retro appetite so I have decided to buy some machines to mod and change beyond their design. This wasn’t actually the initial plan. My plan was to buy a machine, an Amiga 1200 and port over the BBS software from the emulator it currently runs on, to the physical hardware, but as I searched for a […]